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Final Call for Participation

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On behalf of the organizing committee, I extend a call to you to be part of the symposium ISPLC 2003, the 7th International Symposium on Power-Line Communications and Its Applications. You are cordially invited to participate in scientific, technical, and social activities of ISPLC2003 on 26-28 of March 2003. ISPLC2003 will be hosted in Kyoto, which was the capital of Japan and the heart of culture and politics for over a millennium.

The objective of the symposium is to stimulate research and contribute to the formation and solution of new problems encountered by scientists and engineers working in this field. The symposium covers a range of communication topics from a practical as well as theoretical point of view. Furthermore interesting exhibitions are organized in parallel with the technical sessions.

Today, there is no doubt that the residential power line is one of the most attractive media to realize the wired ubiquitous networks. Ingenious digital communication technologies developed in recent years have made it possible to carry more than several Mbps and some of them have been put into commercial use. Those high-speed PLCs that can perform ``plug-and-play'' with integrated power and information delivery arouse consumers' interests.

Last year, Japanese government agency studied about high-speed PLCs and the deregulation was postponed, but further studies are requested to continue. We believe that the EMC problems will be solved by the development of more exquisite technologies and such the development will provide social understandings of consumers.

On the other hand, the low-bit-rate applications, such as surveillance and life-support with smart sensors, are important and suitable applications of PLC. We are also focusing on these monitoring and controlling fields, e.g., ECHONET (Japanese standard) and SCP of Microsoft.

The organizing committee has received a large number of interesting and high quality papers. Fruitful discussions, contacts, and new ideas are strongly expected throughout the symposium. It is an excellent opportunity for you to present your exceptional work in power-line communication techniques, absorb the latest advancements, and see the latest products. It is a chance to associate with the best and brightest -- quality people like you!

On-site Registration is possible.

For more information, please contact ISPLC 2003 Email Address.

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