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of the
6th International Symposium on Power-Line
Communications and Its Applications

Hosted by
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Divani Palace Acropolis, Athens, Greece
March 27-29, 2002

Editor: F-N. Pavlidou
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

2002 International Symposium on Power-line Communications and its Applications
Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
27-29 March 2002


After a successful organization of a series of five events, this year the "International Symposium on Power Lines Communications and Its Applications" (ISPLC) is hosted in Athens, Greece, 27- 29 March 2002. The objective of the symposium is to stimulate research and applications and contribute to the formulation and solution of new problems in this field.

The conference has already established itself as the leading event on this topic and succeeded in gathering all the academic and industrial community worldwide at a forum where the latest advances in theory, measurements and applications are presented and discussed. An interesting exhibition is organized in parallel with the technical sessions with many outstanding lectures on market solutions and trends. Furthermore, relevant European Projects are using this forum to demonstrate their results. The event is sponsored by IEEE, the European COST 262 Action, and many companies in the area and it is expected to be a well received international activity.

2002 seems to be a quite important year for discussion and re-evaluation of the evolution in this field, with new promising products launched in the market, but in parallel with a painful feedback from the energy-supply adventure in countries with some history on deregulation. Greece is now attempting a power privatization process and the Public Authorities are carefully investigating the international environment and activities in the field. Let's sit all together and explore the pros and cons of the story.

The symposium is hosted by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, at the birth-place of Symposia, ATHENS, the city of Olympic Games 2004. Some people say the best way to visit Athens is to spend a day on the Acropolis and a night in Plaka before heading off for a two-week holiday on one of the Greek islands. Then, we offer you a good start of the trip, you can arrange the rest. We believe you will enjoy your stay and you will find the event a considerable contribution to your professional agenda, so we are cordially invite you to join us in Athens.

Welcome in Athens.

The General Chairs
The Technical Program Chair

Plenary Session

Feasibility of PLC Service: Business Models
Patrick Sweet, Enersearch, Sweden

Digital Modulation Techniques I

Power Line Data Transmission Using OFDM and DS/SS Systems
Shinichi Tachikawa, Masahiko Nanri and Masanori Hamamoura, Japan

Comparison of MMFSK and OFDM (MC-SS Type) Systems Using Limiters
Kanji Hozumi, Shinichi Tachikawa, Masanori Hamamura, and Gen Marubayashi, Japan

In-Door: Network Characterization I

An In-building Power Line Channel Simulator
T. Esmailian, F.R. Kschischang, and P.G. Gulak, Canada

Indoor PLC Network Simulator
Fawsi Issa, Abdourabbih Abdouss, France

Digital Modulation Techniques II

Transmission on Indoor Power Line: From OFDM to DMT
V. Degardin, M. Lienard, P. Degauque, A. Zeddam, F. Gauthier, France

System Parameters Effect on DMT-Based Broad Band Indoor Power-Line Communications
Jose A. Cortes Arrabal, Luis Diez, Francisco J. Canete, J. T. Entrambasaguas, Spain

In-Door: Network Characterization II

An Estimation Method of the Transfer Function of Indoor Power-line Channels for Japanese Houses
Shinji Tsuzuki, Takeshi Takamatsu, Hideyuki Nishio, Yoshio Yamada, Japan

Performance Improvement of In-House Power-Line for Communication
Hirotada Furukawa, Masaru Wasaki, Masaaki Katayama, Shinji Tsuzuki, Japan

An experimental set-up for characterizing the residential power grid variable behavior
Despina Anastasiadou, Theodore Antonakopoulos, Greece

EMC Aspects I

EMC Aspects of In-home PLC: Crosstalk between Neighbouring Apartments and Increase of Disturbance Due to a Large Number of Simultaneously Transmitting PLC-Systems
Harald Dalichau, Germany

Some In Situ Measurements of the Radiated Emission in an Indoor Network
Jean-Pierre Rouzaud, Fawzi Issa, Eric Perrier de la Bathie, France

Modelling Cumulative High Frequency Radiated Emissions from Power Line Communication Systems
David Fenton, Paul Brown, UK

Information & Communication Theory I

Making Power Line Communications More Reliable by Using Optimal Soft Information
Stefano Galli, USA

Adaptive CPFSK Modulation for Power Line Communications
Sookwan Kim, Namjung Cho and Yong-Hwan Lee, Korea

Application of Space-Time Diversity/Coding for Power Line Channels
Carlos L. Giovaneli, Javad Yazdani, Paddy Farrell, Bahram Honary, UK

Communication over Time Varying Channels under Power Constraints and Side Information of the Participants
V. Balakirsky and A.J. Han Vinck, Germany

EMC Aspects II

Some Practical Measurements of Far Field Radiated Emissions from a PLT Cell and an Estimation of the Cumulative Ground-Wave Effects of PLT Deployment on a Sensitive HF Surveillance Site protected by a Non-Deployment Area of Radius 1500m
Paul Brown, David Fenton, UK

Capacity Distribution of Radiation-limited In-building Power Lines
T. Esmailian, F.R. Kschischang, and P.G. Gulak, Canada


A Study on Controlling Transmission Power of Carriers of OFDM Signal Combined with Data Symbol Spreading in Frequency Domain
Tomohiro Nishiyama, Shunichi Nomura, Makoto Itami, Kohji Itoh, Hamid Aghvami, Japan

A Study on Adaptive Carrier Modulation and Transmission Power Control Scheme for OFDM
Shunichi Nomura, Tatsufumi Shirai, Tomohiro Nishiyama, Makoto Itami, Kohji Itoh, Japan

Comparative Study of Loading Algorithms for PLC Applications
Costas Assimakopoulos, F-N. Pavlidou, Greece

Plenary Session

Consumer Market Survey of Last Mile Communication Services Using PLC
Rene Kamphuis, ECN, the Netherlands

Applications I

Mains Appliance Identification for Electrical Safety Test System
Richard McWilliam, Alan Purvis, UK

Powerline Communication without Multiplexing by Means of Blind Source Separation
Pornchai Chanyagorn, Kopriva Ivica, Joseph S. Landa, Harold H. Szu, USA

In-Door: Communication Aspects I

CISPR 22 Compliance Test of Power-Line Transmission Systems
Dr. Christian Hensen, Sascha Schwarze, Germany

Application of Effective Capacity Concept in PL Communication Environment
Gabor Zsoldos, Ferenc Balazs, Sandor Imre, Hungary

Applications II

Point to Point Multi-media Transmission for Marine Application
Javad Yazdani, M.Scott, Bahram Honary, UK

Channel characteristics of wiring in motor vehicles for Power Line Communications
Wolfgang Schulz, Thomas Hesse, Germany

SMART: Experiences with e-Services for Smart Buildings
Rene Kamphuis, Cor Warmer, Wim Zeiler, Willem Wortel, Hans Akkermans, Jaap Jelsma, Netherlands

In-Door: Communication Aspects II

Wideband Channel Measurements and Modeling For In-House Power Line Communication
Yong-Hwa Kim, Hak-Hoon Song, Jong-Ho Lee and Seong-Cheol Kim, Korea

Characteristics of Low Voltage Distribution Networks Channel in the European and FCC united Band and it's Capacity
Guo Jingbo, Li Gang, Wang Zanji, P.R. China

Impulsive Noise: Modulation Aspects

An Iterative Detection for M-ary SS System over Impulsive Noise Channel
Daisuke Umehara, Makoto Kawai, Yoshiteru Morihiro, Japan

A Study on Reduction of the Affection of Impulse Noise in OFDM Transmission
Tatsufumi Shirai, Shunichi Nomura, Makoto Itami, Hiroki Ohta, Kohji Itoh, Japan

An Iterative Detection for OFDM over Impulsive Noise Channel
Hidenori Matsuo, Daisuke Umehara, Makoto Kawai, Yositeru Morihiro, Japan

MAC Layer

Single Frequency Network Technology for Medium Access and Network Management
Gerd Bumiller, Germany

Performance Analysis of Two-step Reservation MAC Protocols for Broadband PLC Access Networks
Halid Hrasnica, Ralf Lehnert, Germany

An hybrid Reservation-Polling MAC Protocol for Powerline Communications
Giuseppe Bianchi, Giuseppe Conigliaro, Italy

An analysis on Frame length of MAC layer in Power-line computer network
Huang Ronghui, Mingtian Zhou, Jiazhi Zeng, China

Information & Communication Theory II

Decoding Cyclic Codes over Zq beyond the BCH Bound
Marc A. Armand, Singapore

Spectral Correlation of OFDM Signals Related to Their PLC Applications
Desimir Vucic, M. Obradovic, D. Obradovic, Yugoslavia

Impulsive Noise: Measurements

Sinusoidal Impulse Attenuation for Transmission in the CENELEC Band A
M. G. Bellanger, S. Froment, M. Rousseau and P. Moreau, France

An Experimental Investigation of Impulse Noise on Low Voltage Powerlines
Faruk Kural and Mehmet Safak, Turkey

Cable Characterization

Evaluation of the Screening Efficiency at HF of Low Voltage Electricity Distribution Cables with a Concentric Metallic Sheath by the Application of Surface Transfer Impedance Methods
Paul Brown, UK

Modelling of In-Door Low Voltage Power Line Cables in the High Frequency Range
I. C. Papaleonidopoulos, C.G. Karagiannopoulos, N.J. Theodorou, C.E. Anagnostopoulos, I.E.Anagnostopoulos, Greece

"Multiconductor Transmission Lines and Cables Solver", an Efficient Simulation Tool for PLC Networks Development
Theophanis Calliacoudas, Fawsi Issa, France

An Efficient Tool for Modal Analysis of Multiconductor Transmission Lines for PLC Networks Development
Fawsi Issa, Daniel Chaffanjon, Eric Perrier de la Bathie, Andre Pacaud, France

Modem Design

A Spread Spectrum Based Implementation for a Powerline Transmission System
L. Ouvry, D. Lattard, M. Laugeois, M. Combet, D. Chagnot, B. Piaget, France

Time Domain Models of Power-Line LANs
Mohamed I. Sobhy, Imad Jalaly and Peter D. Strong, U.K.

Design of a Robust modem for Power Line Communications
Hyunseok Yu, Eunwoo Ahn, and Yong-Hwan Lee, Korea

A Broadband Modem mixed-signal front end for Power Line Communications
Alfredo Sanz, J. I. Garcia Nikolas, I. Urrizza, A. Valdovinos, Spain

Editor: F-N. Pavlidou
Assoc. Professor, A.U.Th., Greece
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General Chair of the ISPLC2002 Organising Committee

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