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1997 International Symposium


Power-line Communications

and its Applications

2nd Edition

Saalbau, Essen, Germany

April 2-4, 1997

Olaf Hooijen and A. J. Han Vinck


Proceedings 1997 International Symposium on Power-Line Communications and its Applications,
2nd Edition
April 2-4, 1997, Essen, Germany
Editors Olaf Hooijen and A. J. Han Vinck
With refs.
ISBN 90-74249-16-7
Publisher: Shannon Foundation


The symposium on "Power-Line Communications and its Applications" is a natural result of the discussions between members of our research group on digital communications, industrial contacts and energy providers interested in this particular field of communications. The great variety of applications and the falling of the monopoly position of the national telecommunication organizations are obvious reasons for an increased interest from industrial and academic research and development institutes. There are several interesting aspects connected with this symposium. We mention a few of them.

Firstly, we deal with a very complicated channel that mixes the nasty behavior of a power-line with that of a communication channel. We are still far behind the developments in ordinary telephony as far as communication speed concerns. In a period of twenty years, modern modulation techniques increased transmission speed for telephony with a factor of ten. Moreover, in recent years many research institutes concentrated on mobile communication systems like GSM. We expect that a symposium as this gives a stimulus to further investigate the power-line as a communication channel.

Secondly, an important aspect of power-line communication is the question of standardization. Since there are different international standards and power-line regulations, we also have a great variety of different products and applied communication techniques. It is interesting to compare standards and performances for the respective standards and systems. Like in consumer electronics, world-wide standards give the opportunity to develop low cost equipment.

Thirdly, we succeeded in attracting a high (60) percentage of industrial participation. We also very much appreciate the presence of our guests from Japan and the USA. It is the mixture that makes this symposium to a unique opportunity to discuss the various systems and stimulate research in the field of power-line communications.

I wish you a successful symposium with many interesting discussions, new contacts and new ideas.

Essen, 17.03.97
In the 2nd ED1TION we added the contributions from Gerhard Schumacher (RWE Telliance), Göran Lindell (Lund University) and Anton Klip (CME, the Netherlands).

Essen, 01.08.97
Han Vinck
Symposium Chairman


WEDNESDAY, April 2nd:

13.30h - 13.45h Opening
13.45h - 14.30h Keynote Speech by Prof. Klaus Dostert - University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Telecommunications over the Power Distribution Grid; Possibilities and Limitations
14.45h - 17.00h Invited Session organized by Dr. Marc Muller, Schlumberger, Paris, France
Chairman: Marc Muller
14.45h - 15.15h Tibor Somogyi - Schlumberger, France
15.15h - 15.45h Martin Gorlitz - Gorlitz Computerbau, Germany
The Enercom Network for PLC Applications
16.00h - 16.30h Ludwig Brackmann - ATICON, Germany
Power Line Applications with European Home Systems
16.30h - 17.00h Gerrit Telkamp - ATICON, Germany
A Low Cost Power-Line Node for Domestic Applications
17.15h - 18.15h Open Session Part 1
Chairman: Klaus Dostert
17.15h - 17.35h Arne B. Dalby - Technical University of Denmark
Signal Transmission on Power-Lines; Analysis of Power-Line Circuits
17.35h - 17.55h Michael Arzberger et al. - University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Fundamental Properties of the Low Voltage Power Distribution Grid
17.55h - 18.15h Olaf Hooijen - Universität Essen, Germany
A Channel Model for the Low-Voltage Power-Line Channel
19.00h - 20.30h Get-together and Opening of Exhibition

THURSDAY, April 3rd:

8.30h - 12.00h Invited Session organized by Dr. Thomas Schaub, Landis and Gyr, Switzerland
Chairman: Thomas Schaub
9.00h - 9.30h Paul Fuchs - Convenor IEC
TC13, WG14 Integration through Standardisation
9.30h - 10.00h Eckhard Wenker, Willy Harry - Stadtwerke Dusseldorf/Landis & Gyr
Demand Side Management Using DLC Communication
10.00h - 10.30h Bernard Goffart et al. - Alcatel Mietec
An Integrated DLC Modem Circuit for S-FSK Modulation
11.00h - 11.30h Guillaume Duval - Electricite de France (EdF), France
Applications of PLC at Electricite de France
11.30h - 12.00h Michael Propp, Luis Rodriguez - Adaptive Networks Inc., USA/Ikusi, Spain
The Use of Reliable PLC in Telemanagement Trials
12.00h - 14.00h Lunch
14.00h - 16.15h Invited Session organized by Prof. Ryuji Kohno, Univ. of Yokohama, Japan
Chairman: Han Vinck
14.00h - 14.30h Shigenobu Sasaki and Gen Marubayashi - Niigata Univ./Soka Univ., Japan
Parallel Combinatorial Spread Spectrum Communication Systems over Residential Power-Line
14.30h - 15.00h Hiroji Kusaka at al. - Osaka Sangyou University, Japan
Performance of DS-SSMA Systems with Interference Rejection Filters Using Band-limited Power-lines
15.15h - 15.45h Shinji Tsuzaki et al. - Kyoto Univ./Ehime Univ., Japan
A Class of Partial Response Spread M Sequences and Its Correlation Property
15.45h - 16.15h Gen Marubayashi - Soka University, Japan
Noise Measurements of the Residential Powerline
16.45h - 17.45h Open Session Part 2
Chairman: Gen Marubayashi
16.45h - 17.05h Göran Lindell- Lund University, Sweden
Frequency-Hopping and Non-Coherent Reception in PLC Applications
17.05h - 17.25h Denny Radford - Intellon Corporation, USA
Spread Spectrum Technology Enables Reliable Low Cost Communications on the Powerline
17.25h - 17.45h Walter Downey - Echelon, USA
Central Control and Monitoring in Commercial Buildings Using PLC
19.00h - 19.30h Reception
19.30h - 21.30h Banquet

FRIDAY, April 4th:

9.00h - 9.45h Keynote Speech by Anton Klip - CME, The Netherlands
A Short Overview of the Possibilities in Power Line Communications, Inside and Outside the Private House
10.00h - 12.30h Invited Session organized by Prof. Bahram Honary, Univ. of Lancaster, UK
Chairman: Kees Schouhamer Immink (Philips Research)
10.00h - 10.30h Axel Hosemann - Siemens, Germany
PLC Applications in Low Voltage Distribution Networks
10.30h - 11.00h Paul Brown - Norvveb Communications, UK
Directional Coupling of High Frequency Signals onto Power Networks
11.30h - 12.00h John Dickinson, Peter Nicholson - Norweb Communications, UK
Calculating the High Frequency Transmission Line Parameters of Power Cables
12.00h - 12.30h Keith Fallows, Paul Brown and Bahram Honary - Univ. of Lancaster, UK
Application of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrurn over Powerline

These papers were not incorporated in the first edition of the proceedings.

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